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Hello! I’m Lauren. I’m guessing you’ve landed here because you see something that you like. I live in the little town of Brunswick Heads, a place that is an everyday inspiration for me and a constant supply of coffee..

Being a nostalgic creature, I am a bit of an advocate for the ol’ ‘the little things. The little moments. They’re not little.’¬†Storytelling with a lovers heart and¬†burning desire to capture the moments that make you look a little longer and smile a little wider.

People say that there is this emotion, a depth, in my images. Something that hits you right in the feels. I guess for me, Photography is less about what I see and more about what I feel. Portraying this in the images for you is what I am all about.

Are you getting married and see your wedding day as a celebration of your love? A family who wants to embrace the chaos and reflect what really matters to you in your photos? Then I would say that i’m the girl for you.

So fill in the form. Tell me a bit about you. I love a good story!